06 July, 2018

How to resolve Rakhine crisis by U Kyaw Min

U Kyaw Min
To Dr Myo Nyunt, NLD spoke person. Inresponse to your post asking for advice and counsel how to resolve Rakhine  crisis, let me give some suggestions.
First construct state policy on reality not on racial hatred.
Second , avoid to believe and follow the advice of racists in Rakhine. Rakhine should decide the fate and rights of Rohingya is a wrong notion.It is suicidal.
Thirdly all races in the union whom Boghoke Aung San and post independence period state leaders recognized as genuine citizens of Myanmar, must have the same rights  in the future.
         Fourthly, a pathway to citizenship is an idea of exploitation and discrimination.Give full citizenship to all who once held NRCs.
Fifthly bring back all refugees who can prove to be from Myanmar.Mynmar La Wa Ka and NaSaKa have complete records of them.Resettle all refugees and IDPs in their original places .Make sure that they will get back their lands grabbed  and properties seized. After all ,stop current plan to grab alot of farm lands from every villagetract.
  Finally sincere will to resolve the crisis is the most improtant one.
Note,  for more detailed counsels you can see our petitions and other documents we constantly have forwarded to the governmemts.



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