16 May, 2017

OIC appoints new envoy to Myanmar

Ambassador Ilham Ibrahim Mohammed Ahmed, member of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) Permanent Standing Committee for Human Rights, has revealed as the new envoy of the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation to Myanmar, who will soon be named successor to Mr. Hamid Albar.
“The issue of the Rohingya minority in Myanmar is one of the most complex problems faced by the Muslim minorities in Myanmar, and the fact that the OIC plays a major role in solving the problem through its envoy,” said Ambassador Ilham Ibrahim.
“I think the situation is going from a difficult situation to a more difficult one, given the failure of the Myanmar government to agree to allow the Commission to visit the area where the Rohingya lives, to meet Myanmar officials, and to cooperate with full understandings, strategies or solutions offered by the OIC. , Including those relating to the humanitarian aspect. “
And concluded that the issue should not only be on the humanitarian side, but also a complex one in which the solution should be political and humanitarian, and by respecting the human rights of the Rohingya minority, and everyone is aware of the violation of their rights in that State. Only to assist the international community and to play its role, to put more pressure on the Government of Myanmar, to recognize the problem of the Rohingya minority.


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